Clyde Smith: Continuing Ed Volunteer in Action

I am doing a number of things to build my experience in and understanding of the library world, including launching this blog, and am currently looking for volunteer opportunities with an eye towards my own continuing education.

Volunteer’s a problematic word because I’m really looking for training and experience in library settings related to reference and public service. Though there are many opportunities to shelve books, there aren’t so many opportunities to learn to work with Integrated Library Systems* (ILS).

I’m currently investigating a volunteer opportunity at an ad hoc community library based in a thrift shop!

I found the Cleveland Library, based in Cleveland Township, NC, through the list of libraries using the Koha open source ILS. Since I’m interested in working with open source software, building public service skills and understanding how library systems are increasingly tied together via software, I reached out to see if they might have a place for me and it sounds like there’s plenty to do at this stage!

I’ll be reporting back on this and other continuing education pursuits as things get interesting.  In particular, I plan to start reviewing webinars and podcasts that I find useful and that will continue to be available online with free access.

If you have suggestions for such opportunities and resources, please email me at:

*Note: Since this blog is intended, in part, to connect folks inside and outside of library/education settings, I’ll often be writing out the many acronyms one encounters in library and education blogs that speak to other librarians and educators. Especially when I have to look them up myself!

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