Relaunching Cultural Research

As you may be able to tell, things are changing at Cultural Research.

I’m relaunching the site to include more about my creative history in addition to my academic pursuits. But I’ve also removed a number of blog posts from earlier periods in which I was blogging about innovation in higher ed as well as library-related topics.

Moving forward the primary focus of the site will be as an archive of my research papers and artistic activities. In addition, I will post about any new endeavors in those areas.

You’ll also find me blogging at:

Flux Research: Business Changes

Crowdfunding For Musicians

DanceLand: The Land of Dance

You can also find additional archival activity at netweed where I started my journey as a web publisher.

Most things should be in place here at Cultural Research by the New Year.

Contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com