Working Sessions at CAM Raleigh

Photos of Jeb Bishop and Clyde F. Smith by Clyde Smith

The above photos were taken at Working Sessions’ first public appearance, which took place at CAM Raleigh in late 2015, by my father, Clyde Smith. Unfortunately he was unable to stay for later sessions that evening but he did a nice job of capturing this first session.

There was actually a preliminary session in a video room in which the young man who appears above in the final photos participated spontaneously. I regret not getting his name but he was an important element of the evening’s work.

Renee Foster also captured a brief video clip which I hope to recover if I ever find my old phone. It would make a nice gif!

Jeb and I discuss this event in a dialogue about the first stages of Working Sessions. It’s the last third of our discussion and it gives the above photos some useful context.

There is more to come that will unfold slowly over time. Till then!

Working Sessions: An Improvisational Collaboration
A Working Sessions Dialogue Between Jeb Bishop And Clyde F. Smith